a little while later…

Ok, so it’s been a while since I was actively blogging. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been trying desperately to deal with Isabelle, my beautiful Blue Heeler/Australian Shephard.

Ok that’s not her anymore. I lied. She is of course beautiful, but she has grown increasingly less cute over the last few months. I have asked for guidance from several dog owners about how to deal with her incessantly possessive and protective nature. Here is some of the advice that I got on how to deal with her anxiety.

  • Anxiety vest. Be careful, there’s a video that’s quite loud when you go to the site. Apparently by restricting the dog’s nervous system the vest manages to calm the dog down, reducing anxiety. To be fair though, the dog in the video is far calmer than my Izzy, who will outright attack the vacuum and try to kill it before it even turns on.
  • The dominance factor. Thinking that she is the alpha in the house/family, she thinks that she has to protect us. Quite frankly, I don’t think that this is Izzy’s problem in particular, because we do many exercises that solidify the fact that she is not running the household. She has to sit for everything: food, leash, going outside, coming inside, petting and attention. She just seems to be super nervous and so high strung that the unfamiliar freaks her out to the point of manic behavior.
  • Drugs. Benadryl can be given to dogs infrequently and in small amounts to help calm them. There’s also obviously the option of going to the vet and getting a prescription for doggy Valium.

If anyone has any more advice to give on the matter of severely and certifiably anxious dogs, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave your comments and any help you can provide.

For the record, this is Izzy now:

Ok so she's still kind of cute. In her own little manic I'm-gonna-attack-you-in-three-seconds kind of way.