month of thanks, day 18, the season

It’s the season for shameless desserts.


One of my favorites to share with people is Oreo truffles. I will be taking these in batches to have on my desk at work this week.

  • 1 package of Oreos (I go with family size, and set some aside for a decorative topping but got over-excited and fucked it up this time by forgetting)
  • 1 package of cream cheese
  • Almond bark/chocolate for melting and coating

So easy, if you have a food processor. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a workout.

Put every single bit of Oreo in that food processor, and process until all you are left with is a fine dust. This is where, if you weren’t an overzealous dingus like me, you would reserve a bit of Oreo dust for later embellishments.

Add the cream cheese—I cut it into 8ths to make it go quicker—and continue to process until you have a wet sort of dough.

I use a tiny, cookie-specific ice cream scoop to section out balls, and then divide those balls in half to make more manageable and bite-sized truffles. Once your balls are nicely rounded, pop ’em in the fridge to harden. Go have a beer.

Melt your chocolate. Mentally prepare to deal with melty chocolate. The key with melting chocolate is to not add too much heat; if there are small bits still hard after some heating just continue to stir and the heat of the melted chocolate with finish the job for you. Too much heat will cause different types of chunks, and that’s shitty burned chocolate. Don’t do that.

I use a fork and spoon combo to coat the balls. The fork holds the ball while the spoon gives it a bath. When coating with white chocolate like I did here, it helps to do two coats otherwise the dark Oreo shows though more than one might like.

Because I forgot to reserve some crumbs, and because I had a bit of extra chocolate, and because I fucked up and dripped some white over a finished milk, I did the drizzle thing you see here.

Unfortunately while I was figuring out my drizzle method I fucked up the first few and decided they were too ugly to give away, so I must eat them.