adulting overload deserves a reward

I realized today it’s been over a month since I’ve written anything, and it’s been due to a complete overflow of adulthood. Yesterday I finally found a way to treat myself after the last laborious month, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

the job

Of course I’ve been working, and that’s been more hectic that anyone could ever want their job to be. I’ve been getting low-key stalked by an erratic homeowner during community inspections and the Board is about to terminate the contract with my management company and I’m just sitting here wishing desperately they do. It’s a mess.

the house

We finally bought a mattress this week. The last time I slept on a real mattress was March 7th and holy shit I forgot how amazing it can be. It’s not that we couldn’t afford a mattress, it just seemed that every day ended before we had time to think about it and order one. To be fair, the air mattress we’ve been using thus far has done an upstanding job of performing its most basic duty but for fuck’s sake it was time to unbox the bed frame we bought two months ago and start sleeping on a real bed like adults.

the bills

I received a magical call one day a couple weeks ago that led to me starting the process of student loan consolidation. It’s not finalized yet, but I anticipate to have eliminated over $95,000 in student loans. Let’s not talk about how that number got so big in the first place, and just be happy it’s going away.

Actual footage of what the rest of my life would have looked like.

the reward

All of this has just been happening, the way life does, and one day bleeds into the next with no sign of stopping. Yesterday I learned one of my favorite makeup artists will be at BeautyConLA next month and after extreme deliberation on the cost of a weekend pass I decided to treat myself to something big. I was about to purchase tickets when I realized this event is the same weekend as J’s birthday. My first thought was sonofabitch and my second thought was maybe he’ll understand?? 

Living in Colorado my whole life, I have never been close to events like this. I wanted to go last year, but factoring in airfare and hotel costs on top of the event pass made it unfeasible. Now, I live 40 minutes away from the convention center and and I can just drive myself and sleep at home each night. Understanding all of this, and knowing how excited I was about it, my awesome boyfriend J consented to me missing most of his actual birthday-day to attend a makeup convention.

While I was buying the tickets I had to nervous-poop because I starting thinking about what I would say if I got to meet Manny MUA