movie time (again)

For the first time in many many months, I was impressed with a new movie. (Feel free to watch the trailer below—as a stickler about trailers that show too much, I approve of this one because it shows nothing).

The Watch has three of my favorite actors (Hill

, Vaughn, and Stiller), and they work amazingly together. This movie was surprising in many ways, and I can’t even begin to go into the details because I would HATE to ruin it for anyone.

I laughed almost nonstop (as cliche as that sounds!) and was compelled by a newish storyline that held my interest and kept me guessing. I say newish because in all reality, every single story has been told, it’s just a matter of different names and details. In this case, it’s a complex mesh of several story lines that work oddly well together.

If you don’t mind some pretty constant vulgarity, then please go see this movie immediately. You can thank me later.