a happy kitty

Sinon is finally figuring out how to live in a normal space. She spent the first weeks hiding in cabinets, I’m assuming because they are small and confined like the living space we came from. She would slink around the apartment as far from the windows as possible, skirting the far walls with obvious concern for the large bright squares on the other side of the room. She didn’t even want to spend time in her tower because I set it up by the balcony door.

Sinon’s fear of windows resulted in a hilarious thing I had (before now) only heard myths of: cat standing up. As she was experimenting with the windows and trying to see how close she could safely get, it was clear she was curious about things outside; she wouldn’t risk getting closer to the window but instead would stand on her back legs to get a better look.


I’m pleased to say her apprehension over the new space is gone. She doesn’t hide in the cabinets anymore, although I’m not sure it’s because she is over that phase of her life or because we finally filled them all. She’ll go on a nip trip, get a case of the zoomies, and end up in the window sill after batting all her toys under the couch. Now that she recognizes the windows as a non-threatening entity, she loves to sit in the sill whenever she can outsmart the blinds. There are two neighbors in the next building who also have cats and windows facing ours, and sometimes I come home to see all three cats sitting in their respective windows, staring at each other. I like to think they’re all friends and spend the day basking in the sun together.