About the Blog

Original purpose of this blog when it began in 2011: As a 20-something, I am all too close to the stresses that accompany the entailing responsibilities of impending adulthood.  Completing an undergraduate or graduate degree, choosing a career, buying your first home, or starting a family….life can easily become overwhelming and soon it seems increasingly easy to forget what it means to appreciate life for all its good.

I try to find zeal in everything, and I want to share that zeal with you.  Living life means having passions and experiencing the fun in everything that life throws your way.  Hopefully you can take a step back from all the pieces of life that seemingly bog down your patience and control, and develop an appreciation for every experience you have.

Current purpose of this blog now that I’m over 30 and not up to much: A collection of random thoughts, ideas, and pictures of my cat.  Adulthood has impended.  Hard.  I’ve completed an undergraduate and a graduate degree.  I think I chose a career??  I bought a home; already sold it.  Guess it’s just time to start a family, right?  Turns out, it’s still overwhelming, no matter how far into it you are.

what do you think?

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