color therapy

I’ve dabbled with coloring over the years, but I realized recently how similar coloring on the page can be to the fun I have with my eye shadow every day. So I’ve gone a little nuts and coloring during literally all of my free time. Coloring so so much my arm is getting awkwardly buff and my pinkie knuckle is sore from stabilizing my hand on the kitchen table. I researched ideal colored pencils and ended up getting myself a massive Prismacolor Premier set which is to die for.


I’m still not as good as some of the (very talented) bitches I see posting on Instagram under #johannabasford, but I’m excited to become more practiced at shading. The tree trunks here were done with my old set of pencils, as I started this page before deciding to upgrade.

Sore pinkie aside, I am so fucking excited to keep on with this new outlet.

what do you think?

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